Codex produces rotors for vane and hydraulic pumps that find applications in industrial, agricultural and passenger vehicles. Codex has reached a high level of specialization on such components sustaining high production volumes and an excellent level of quality which is reached thanks to top-notch machinery and tools.


Oil regulation valves are Codex expertise. These valves are found in a variety of engines which are installed in industrial vehicles but not only. Codex also developed these products in co-design with the final clients in order to maximize the functional and qualitative characteristics of the component.

Valvole di regolazione

Shafts may include a grat variety of products. Codex is specialized in the production of rocker arm shafts, countershafts for motorbikes, muscle cars and industrial vehicles. In addition, Codex produces shafts for brushless engines which can be used in trains.


Gears are found in very different applications, from toothed transmission gears for motorbikes to transmission gears for e-bikes. Codex is able to perform turning, milling, drilling and grinding operations with the only exclusion of toothing.


Codex produces a wide range of flanges in different dimensions for rather complex applications to be found in industrial vehicles. The dimensions of our machines allow Codex to produce a wide set of flanges for traditional and nautical engines but it might not be the perfect fit for the oil and construction industry.


Codex produces pins in different dimensions for a wide range of applications on heavy vehicles and trucks.


Spacers are a core element to every vehicle. This is the reason why Codex’ spacers are found in a great number of vehicles which are assembled in different plants all around the world, from Italy to Australia.